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image Bluebonnet Steamed Rolled Oats

World’s Best Triple Cleaned Rolled Oats
Contains: 11% Protein 4% Fat

  • Heavy Northern Oats are selected for heavy bushel weight and quality.
  • The oats are then tested for aflatoxins then triple cleaned to remove chaff and dirt.
  • Steam cooked at over 200 degrees for over an hour to cook the starches making them more digestible.
  • Precisely rolled to an optimum degree to allow maximum digestion.
  • After rolling and cooling the oats are vacuum cleaned to remove the itchy chaff and hulls that come off during rolling. This last process leaves the product incredibly clean and extremely desirable for horses and other livestock.
  • Consistent quality bag after bag make this the very best Rolled Oats available anywhere at any price.
image image

image Bluebonnet Race Horse Oats

World’s Best Triple Cleaned Whole Oats
Contains: 11% Protein 4% Fat

  • Heavy Northern Oats are selected for heavy bushel weight and quality.
  • The oats are then tested for aflatoxins then triple cleaned to polish the oats and remove chaff and dust.
  • Just before bagging the oats are vacuum cleaned to remove any remaining dust or light material. This last process leaves the product incredibly clean and extremely desirable for horses and other livestock.
  • Consistent quality bag after bag make this the very best Whole Race Horse Oats available anywhere at any price.
image image

image Bluebonnet Super Corn

Triple Cleaned Select Grade Yellow Corn

  • Select quality northern yellow corn pre-screened for aflatoxins and mycotoxins.
  • Quality checked by AC Nutrition before accepting arriving loads.
  • Grain is triple cleaned and polished which removes dust and cob through Bluebonnet’s exclusive screening, air vacuum cleaning processes.
  • Packaged in very tough water resistant new style camo-poly bags.
  • May be fed to deer, poultry or in any situation where clean high quality whole kernel corn is desired.
  • Consistent quality backed by Bluebonnet’s satisfaction guarantee.
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