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Andy Smith with ranchersAC Nutrition Services is the consultative based division of AC Nutrition which specializes in building customized nutritional programs for ranch, wildlife, and feedlot enterprises. Several highly trained consultants are available to conduct on-site assessments and assist with management recommendations and supplementation programs to improve efficiency and returns.

Customized nutritional programs do not necessarily mean customized products, but have more to do with analyzing available resources on the livestock enterprise and placing an efficient product in the right place at the right time. Consultants also look for opportunities in management that can improve efficiency and even reduce outside product purchases!  Don't forget that AC Nutrition also builds and markets Bluebonnet Feeds, a brand that specializes in Superior Equine Nutrition and Companion Animal Products.




The Foundation of Range Nutrition
AC Nutrition offers the best in mineral and vitamin nutrition built for range cattle by people who understand range cattle. Properly designed minerals have the largest influence on forage digestion and highest return on investment that exists in supplemental nutrition. AC's minerals and vitamins are the foundation of our Southwest Superior Products which help producers get more out of less feed and less daily cost. Click on the ad to see some of our mineral nutrition offerings or contact one of our consultants to learn more about our minerals and our promotional discounts.


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