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Quality Control Mission

To ensure that our industry superior formulations are manufactured within extremely tight tolerances and are of high physical quality so that our supplements and feed products deliver intended nutrients to animals in a form that minimizes waste and produces consistently excellent results.


Discipline. We first select ingredients that when used in formulation work together to meet the objective of the formulation. These ingredients are then sent for laboratory analysis on an ongoing basis to track several nutrients allowing us to scrutinize quality and natural variation. We then use these highly scrutinized ingredients to build the formula within very tightly controlled nutrient and ingredient allowances. This is unusual in our industry but is a must for AC to stay true to our quality control mission. We use state of the art formulation and production software, as well as advanced manufacturing equipment and procedures to get what is in the scientific formula to the bag or truck and then the animal. The finished supplements and animal feeds are compared to what is formulated through production records and finished product laboratory assays. All of this stated, quality control can not be mentioned without referencing our people, as none of the process works without staff that care touching every step of the process.